Another death trap, Kawolo Hospital

At exactly twenty past six in the evening of Easter Monday,  i received one of those strange phone calls, My eldest brother had been involved in a tragic accident enroute to Mbale at Mabira forest on Jinja road.
The first i had to confirm was if he was still breathing and Yes, the merciful father had kept him alive.

I rush up with everything, take a matatu to Case Clinic where he had been rushed in an ambulance for post accident treatment. What transpired at Case is a story for another day.

While at the hospital, one of his eldest sons narrated how he had been with the ambulance crew searching for his father. They were lucky to find him at Kawolo hospital which am told is the nearest to Mabira forest. The injured person still had his fresh cuts open with blood running out, lying outside the hospital without anyone to attend to him.One of the deep cuts on the hand had been bandaged without any firstaid but blood was still oozing out slowly.

Kawolo Hospital is an immediate medical stop centre on the accident prone Jinja Road at Mabira forest area.

The post accident management in this hospital will absolutely lead to the patients death.

Chris’ Village Tales

Let me introduce you to Chris, ‘mums handsome son’ who made enough stories during his childhood days.

One day Chris lost a panga while in the farm.Following the threats he had received from dad, he thought of the easiest way out. Chris made an alarm which created tension at home and attracted the whole village including police to save the soul. The village was guarded for close to a week in search for rebels (bayekera) only for the poor boy to reveal later that it was a lie.

On another given day, Chris fought with a girl in primary school,  he injured the girl’s eye.  He couldn’t imagine how heavy the punishment from the teacher would be.  Chris decided to run away from both school and home,  he decided to stay in trees. For close to a month he was seen in one tree after another. The magic was strange because no one managed to catch him from any of the trees. All this happened a week before Chris sat his PLE exams.

That’s not enough for Chris, he also managed to confuse all the girls in the village. on a given day, 3 young girls would appear home searching for their friend ‘Chris.

Chris is now a big man.Not sure he would accept he did all this.

Isn’t the world just for men.

Men can easily find a sport to enjoy. The least interested will atleast support local football or play kalele (banana fibre made ball).

A man’s role in bringing a child into the world is basically enjoying his night with a certain woman who will carry the to be “their child” for 9 good months in their womb.

Men can marry whenever they want,and at whatever age, they will find that young beautiful partner. it never looks like age can catch up.

The women that have tried to tap into the male privilege have failed at what seems to be their core role in life.
Look at career women, those talented at sport and …..they are usually unsuccessful mothers/wives.

do not miss the point

Growing up was an interesting thing for me. My father(RIP) would often times sit me down and tell me  stories so as to relate with life closely.  let us share one of the stories, ” i hope you don’t miss the point.

In a certain village, lets name it kajabuja, there was a catholic church. i hope we all know that in such surroundings, there  are fathers, commonly reffered to as Faza and nuns. These are people that embrace celibacy for the sake of Christ.

one day, the faza was driving his vintage car and met a nun on the same road to the nearest trading centre, he obviously offered her a lift and they drove away chatting about church activities, as the stories went on, the faza’s hand lets say accidentally started to drift from the gear lever to the NUN’S THIGH, the nun looked at him with a keen eye and the faza apologised, the journey continued.

it was then another day and the same faza met the same nun this time on a road to church,he again offered her a lift, as they drove the FAZA’S hand still dropped from the gear lever to the NUNZ thigh… the NUN in a composed voice said “FAZA remember PSALM 129 VERSE 4( dont rush to turn the Bible), the father was very quick to apologise.

they arrived at church and the Faza rushed to read the scripture, it read….” CONTINUE AHEAD AND FIND THE GLORY”

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