do not miss the point

Growing up was an interesting thing for me. My father(RIP) would often times sit me down and tell me  stories so as to relate with life closely.  let us share one of the stories, ” i hope you don’t miss the point.

In a certain village, lets name it kajabuja, there was a catholic church. i hope we all know that in such surroundings, there  are fathers, commonly reffered to as Faza and nuns. These are people that embrace celibacy for the sake of Christ.

one day, the faza was driving his vintage car and met a nun on the same road to the nearest trading centre, he obviously offered her a lift and they drove away chatting about church activities, as the stories went on, the faza’s hand lets say accidentally started to drift from the gear lever to the NUN’S THIGH, the nun looked at him with a keen eye and the faza apologised, the journey continued.

it was then another day and the same faza met the same nun this time on a road to church,he again offered her a lift, as they drove the FAZA’S hand still dropped from the gear lever to the NUNZ thigh… the NUN in a composed voice said “FAZA remember PSALM 129 VERSE 4( dont rush to turn the Bible), the father was very quick to apologise.

they arrived at church and the Faza rushed to read the scripture, it read….” CONTINUE AHEAD AND FIND THE GLORY”

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